Mobile App information

App Features


Fully customizable patterns and over 225+ presets to set the mood for you events and occasions.

Accessible from Anywhere

Cloud based software that allows you to access and control your lights from anywhere in the world.

User Friendly

Simplistic HUD and user interface to make controlling your lights easier than ever.

The Mobile App

Introducing the new and improved Columbia Valley Lighting App. This is where you can customize, personalize, and control your Columbia Valley Lighting all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Connecting through your WiFi you can access and control your lights from anywhere in the world. Customize patterns to create themes, moods, tones, and celebratory lighting for those special occasions. Also through the app you can set timers to automatically turn your lights on and off on certain days, or everyday of the week. The app is available through the app store for iPhone users, or Google Play for Android users.

Mobile App information Columbia Valley Luxury Lighting Systems
Mobile App information Columbia Valley Luxury Lighting Systems

UL Certified Lights

Our lights are the most sophisticated on the market and meet the highest standards of certifications.


Our Lights

Our high quality energy efficient LED lights have over 16 million colours to customize and choose from. Including unique true soft white capabilities, making our lights truly stand out and "shine" compared to our competitors. Lastly, our lights are all season and built withstand any elements mother nature has to offer.


Track Details

Here at Columbia Valley we only use the highest grade aluminum, Once we have perfectly colour matched the soffit colour on your home, we then begin to Fab each track along with any custom angles or depths required. The lights are then permanently installed by our professionally trained team at Columbia Valley Lighting.


Columbia Model

With the new Columbia Valley module you can capture the full and true deep colour spectrum. Customizing and controlling your lights have never been easier through our user friendly Columbia Valley App that connects to your module through your WiFi.

With Columbia Valley Lighting you and your customers can rest assure that our lights are some of the most high quality, and reliable on the market.

Become a trusted dealer

Are you ready to add an addition source of income to your business? Our high demand Colombia Valley lights will help you grow your business.